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Blog COMPLETED: 06 / 23 / 13 – Du It for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Race #1


COMPLETED: 06 / 23 / 13 – Du It for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Race #1

  • by Travis Bishop
  • March 6, 2013

Sunday, June 23rd

Prince William Forest Park – Prince William, VA

Brief Description
Are you a fan of triathlons, but just dread the swim.  Well, you have to try this duathlon (run, bike, run).  It replaces the swim, with another run segment!  This race will be one for the ages, and it benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, so what better reason du you need to du this event?

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Race Lengths

The race begins with a 5k run, then a 11.5 mile bike around Prince William Forest Park, and the race ends with a 5k run!

Course maps can now be found at:

Packet Pickup

Pre-race meetings will begin around 7:45 near the Start/Finish Line. Plan to arrive NO LATER than 7:30am. Packet Pickup will be at Road Runner Sports on Saturday June 22nd, from 3-5pm. Road Runner Sports is located at 1120 West Broad Street, Falls Church, VA 22046. Athletes are expected to pick up their packet at Road Runner Sports. If you cannot make it, let Travis Bishop know at BishopsEvents@yahoo.com

Directions to Parking

Parking Lot is off of the main road into Prince William Forest Park.  It is the Pine Grove parking lot right before the visitor’s center.  The Start/Finish line is right near the Pine Grove parking lot.


Chip Timing will be done by Race Packet.


Ages 10 through 100 can compete in this event. All athletes 17 & under must purchase a YOUTH ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP ($10) at www.usatriathlon.org (and then register for this race as USAT Annual Members).


Awards will be handed out after the race near the transition area.


*No Refunds after May 1, 2013


USA Triathlon is the national governing body for the sports of triathlon, duathlon, winter triathlon and aquathlon in the United States. Participation in a USAT sanctioned event means the event director has the proper permits in place, liability and athlete excess medical insurance coverage and the event plan has met the standard of organization required. USA Triathlon provides rules, guidance and governance to set the standard for safe and fair multi-sport races. For more information on USA Triathlon and fueling the multi-sport lifestyle, visit our website at http://www.usatriathlon.org.


  • 13 days ago   /   ReplyCarrie

    Is registration for this event open?

    • 12 days ago   /   ReplyTravis Bishop

      It will be linked to the site later today... until then... http://www.bishopseventregistrations.com/DuItfortheLeukemiaLymphomaSocietyRace1&Tickets

  • 18 days ago   /   ReplyCRW

    Is the bike segment on-road or off-road?

    • 15 days ago   /   ReplyTravis Bishop

      It is on the paved road... the run is on a gravel road

  • 5 days ago   /   ReplyNick D

    Will raceday registration be available?

    • 4 days ago   /   ReplyTravis Bishop

      It was available.. for any of my races you can register on race day.

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