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Blog COMPLETED: 12 / 15 / 13 – Frigid 5k & 10k sponsored by Road Runner Sports



COMPLETED: 12 / 15 / 13 – Frigid 5k & 10k sponsored by Road Runner Sports

  • by Travis Bishop
  • January 13, 2013

Sunday, December 15

Lorton, VA

Tired of the same old 5k & 10k runs? Well try these 2 races out! You start out going up about 200 feet over the first 1.5 miles past the scenic Occoquan River and once you hit the halfway mark for the 5k course, you turn around and run down that once-challenging hill! And for the 10k competitors, once you get back to the S/F line, you get to take on that challenging hill again to prove you’ve been training! You’ll enjoy racing against the clock, your friends, your family, or just your will!


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Directions to Parking

Directions to Parking Parking is at the big gravel parking lot before the Start/Finish Line near the baseball fields in the very back of Occoquan Regional Park.

Course Maps can be found at:




The race will be timed by Race Packet!

Packet Pickup

Pre-race meetings will begin around 7:45 near the Start/Finish Line and pavilion.  Plan to arrive NO LATER than 7:15am FOR THE 10K. Plan to arrive around 8:00am for the 5K.  Packet Pickup will be at Road Runner Sports on Saturday December 14th, from 2-4pm.  Road Runner Sports is located at 1120 West Broad Street, Falls Church, VA 22046.  Athletes are expected to pick up their packet at Road Runner Sports.  If you cannot make it, let Travis Bishop know at BishopsEvents@yahoo.com

Race Day Registration

There will be race day registration. Participants will need to arrive at 7:00am to get registered for the event. T-shirts sizes can not be guaranteed for race day registers. CASH OR CHECK ONLY (checks made out to Bishop’s Events).


Ages 10 through 100 can compete in this event.


Awards categories determined closer to race day.  Awards will be handed out after the race near the Start/Finish Line.


*No Refunds after September 1, 2013


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