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Blog 2012-10-14 Race Upon the Occoquan 5k & 10k RESULTS


2012-10-14 Race Upon the Occoquan 5k & 10k RESULTS

  • by Travis Bishop
  • April 18, 2013
2012 Race Upon the Occoquan 5k & 10k Results
October 14, 2012

10K Results

Place Num  Name                   Age Sex City                St Time
===== ==== ====================== === === =================== == =======
    1  676 James Zhous             22 M   Hyattsville         MD   40:16
    2  658 Jeremy Palmer           41 M   Ashburn             VA   47:39
    3  678 Steve Cummings          56 M   Woodbridge          VA   49:47
    4  673 Virginia Weyer          27 F   Chevy Chase         MD   49:52
    5  652 Tali Si Malott          28 F   Washington          DC   50:10
    6  672 Richard Welshans        40 M   Alexandria          VA   52:41
    7  681 Charles Pate            55 M   Lorton              VA   53:14
    8  686 Sayed Gardei            45 M   Springfield         VA   53:39
    9  647 Steven Kirkbride        46 M   Springfield         VA   54:18
   10  677 Kelly Peck              33 F   Lorton              VA   54:44
   11  685 Steve Champlin          41 M   Newport News        VA   57:11
   12  640 Scott Hooper            44 M   Lorton              VA   57:14
   13  639 Karolyn Hooper          41 F   Lorton              VA   57:18
   14  656 Jennifer Miles          29 F   Alexandria          VA 1:02:55
   15  642 Linda Johnson           49 F   McLean              VA 1:04:11
   16  643 Troy Johnson            49 M   McLean              VA 1:04:12
   17  633 Kristin Davis           31 F   Stafford            VA 1:05:13
   18  667 Lyen Tallamn            41 F   Falls Church        VA 1:05:14
   19  646 Patricia Kempski        45 F   Stafford            VA 1:05:16
   20  684 Michelle Randall        41 F   Alexandria          VA 1:17:18
   21  653 Mary Meadows            30 F   King George         VA 1:18:00
   22  631 Tina Carp               55 F   Lorton              VA 2:15:47

5K Results

Place Num  Name                   Age Sex City                St Time
===== ==== ====================== === === =================== == =======
    1  687 Brian Luckenbaugh       29 M   Manassas            VA   23:31
    2  675 Robert Love             44 M   Alexandria          VA   23:47
    3  674 Chris Widmann           27 M   Centreville         VA   25:23
    4  654 Carlos Medina           62 M   Woodbridge          VA   26:44
    5  682 Emily David             40 F   Alexandria          VA   27:16
    6  683 Arthel Bibbens          35 M   Lorton              VA   29:34
    7  679 Maryann Cummings        52 F   Woodbridge          VA   30:32
    8  664 Judith Snellgrove       66 F   Manassas            VA   31:11
    9  651 Beth Malakoff           38 F   Woodbridge          VA   31:14
   10  680 Maria Pate              52 F   Lorton              VA   32:22
   11  692 Shilpa Reddy            30 F   Birmingham          AL   34:01
   12  663 Heather Schmoyer        26 F   Woodbridge          VA   34:25
   13  628 Chris Browning          35 M   Woodbridge          VA   34:26
   14  638 Todd Hann               51 M   Springfield         VA   35:15
   15  637 Jo Ann Hann             50 F   Springfield         VA   35:17
   16  660 Kevin Peuterbaugh       53 M   Woodbridge          VA   37:22
   17  659 Cathy Peuterbaugh       50 F   Woodbridge          VA   37:23
   18  691 Claudia Leon            15 F   Oakton              VA   37:30
   19  688 Liz Snellgrove          32 F   Woodbridge          VA   38:11
   20  649 Kai Lewis               35 F   Laurel              MD   39:15
   21  657 Terry O'Connor          46 F   Woodbridge          VA   39:18
   22  626 Diane Bounds            32 F   Alexandria          VA   39:57
   23  627 Kristin Bower           33 F   Alexandria          VA   39:59
   24  665 Erin Stackhouse         35 F   Summerville         SC   45:06
   25  625 Melissa Bethacourt      38 F   Stafford            VA   45:08
   26  689 Michael Tuszka          64 M   Oakton              VA   48:32
   27  655 Zolia Medina            60 F   Woodbridge          VA   51:29
   28  690 Martha Tuszka           57 F   Oakton              VA   51:31


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