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2017 Series Standings

  • by Travis Bishop
  • January 1, 2017

Looking for our 2017 Series Standings?  Click on the links below to see where you rank.

Updated: Sept 17, 2017

We periodically search through the rankings to find duplicates, but we don’t do this every week.  (Last full search for duplicates 8-17)

2017 5k Men’s

2017 5k Women’s

2017 10k Men’s

2017 10k Women’s

2017 Endurance Men’s

2017 Endurance Women’s


  • 0 days ago   /   Replyjaime

    I have run three races this year and I'm listed three different times for each race. I see points are awarded. Can you tell me about what the race series all entails. Are there awards at the end of the year? Thanks! Jaime Cantlon

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