Joining the high school track team at 15 years old and continuing to compete at the collegiate level, Monique is no stranger to running. Now, as a Mother and Sergeant First Class in the United States Army, she continues to run.

Monique hopes to conquer the Red Bull 400 which is a 400 meter race at a vertical uphill (about 40 stories high) within the next year!  As our first female finisher many times, Monique is no stranger to accomplishing running challenges.  We won’t tell you about her most embarrassing moment as a runner, but maybe, she will tell you about it around the post-race snacks table, while snacking on her favorite Lays chips, while waiting for our awards ceremony at our next event.

She typically aims for 10 – 15 events a year, but has been especially busy in 2018 competing the Bishop’s Events 5K series. Currently winning the series, Monique explains she comes back for many reasons,  the races are family friendly and people of all ages come out and participate at different levels.  […] I am able to compete and also take my daughter with me, whether she runs or volunteers.  […] every race involves a donation towards a charity. Additionally, I like that the races are not as crowded and that I can just show up and run; no standing in long lines for registration, bag check etc.  I also love the additions that were made to the series this year, such as Back of the Pack and Sippin’ series; this allowed for more runners to compete even if they are not the fastest runners in the bunch.”