2018 Men’s Sippin Series

2018 Women’s Sippin Series
April 23, 2018
Lifetime Event Totals
April 24, 2018

2018 Men’s Sippin Series

Includes all events at a winery, brewery, or cidery.  There is one series only (does not matter if you do a 5k or 10k)


Code Race Code Race Code Race
A New Years Day B Kiss My Asphalt C Lovers
D St. Patty’s Leprechaun E St. Patty’s Recovery F Fight like a Kid
G Sky Meadows H Easter I CCA Pace Race
J Battle of the Charities K Donut Give Up L Warrior Country
M Three Fox Vineyards N National Superhero Day O Manassas Runway
P Jacey’s Run Q In Their Shoes R Spring Burke Lake
S Mother’s Day T Spring Glowstick U CroppMetcalfe Spring Georgetown


First Last Points Races Completed Race
Randy Shelton 20 1 M
Luis Navarro 19 1 M
Jason Smith 18 1 M
Mike Cannon 17 1 M
Bryan Browe 16 1 M
Matthew Ribeiro 15 1 M
Dominique Bright 14 1 M
Phillip Lester 13 1 M
Peter Christiansen 12 1 M
Hezekiah White 11 1 M
James Blair 10 1 M
Anthony Amaya 9 1 M
Matthew Jones 8 1 M
Deon Grady 7 1 M
Daniel Ritchie 6 1 M
Michael Hartley 5 1 M
Jason Dunn 4 1 M
Felipe Amaya 3 1 M

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