2018 Running Out of Time 5k & 10k

1/1/2019 New Years 5K and 10K Results
January 1, 2019
2019 Results
January 2, 2019

2018 Running Out of Time 5k & 10k

Unofficial Results

Dec 31, 2018



First and Last Name Gender Event Completed Time Completed (HH:MM:SS format)
simon rowe Male 10k 0:41:42
Samantha Miyamoto Female 10k 0:49:25
Andrea Cilliers Female 10k 0:54:00
Gloria Bupp Female 10k 0:55:29
Donald Harvey Male 10k 0:57:03
Kimberly Madison Female 10k 1:05:13
Monica Martin Female 10k 1:06:26
Dawn Allen Female 10k 1:06:48
Rachel Young Female 10k 1:07:18
Brian Sheavly Male 10k 1:14:58
Pattie Young Female 10k 1:15:07
Hadley Christi Female 10k 1:15:42
Claire Smith Female 10k 1:23:37
Laura Berlin Female 5k 0:24:15
Bryan Browe Male 5k 0:24:24
Ethan Miller Male 5k 0:27:02
ryan schulte Male 5k 0:27:12
Karen Mata Female 5k 0:28:30
Michelle Washington Female 5k 0:29:30
Miroslava Kurshumova Female 5k 0:29:31
Aimee Mack Female 5k 0:29:50
Mercedes Ernest Martinez Female 5k 0:30:19
Parsons Female 5k 0:32:33
Monique Mercurius Female 5k 0:32:51
Crissy Tammaru Female 5k 0:34:41
Joy Roach Female 5k 0:35:33
Jenna Petrosky Female 5k 0:36:08
Daniel Stanto Male 5k 0:37:28
Katie St Pierre Female 5k 0:38:01
Lancey Cowan Female 5k 0:39:30

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