Our July runner spotlight is on Julie House.  Julie started running at the age of 12.  When she would get frustrated, her mom would just look at her and say “just go run.”  This has turned into Julie running nearly 50 events a year, from 5ks to Ironmans.  Her dream race is to qualify for Ironman Kona or to complete marathons in different countries.  For Julie, the other participants and beautiful locations are some of the reasons she continues running with Bishop’s Events.  Oh, and she always need to add just one more race shirt to her thousands she owns!  One of the greatest memories she has from running is having her son at the finish line of an Ironman.

Julie’s jobs is quite unique – she is a travel nurse for a cardiac cath lab.  Her job requires her to be on call which sometimes means she may miss a race or arrive halfway through an event.  For the first time, a few weeks ago, Julie received a call at mile 12 of a half-marathon.  Julie states that “I needed to get back to my car and get to the hospital within 30 minutes. There was no way I could have done that on my own. I ran back to the closest aid station, and let them know I needed to get to my car ASAP and why. One phone call later, Travis came to get me on the trail to get me right to my car, so I could go do my job. If I had not had Travis’ support, the man who is now walking around alive and well with his family, would not have gotten that chance.  He would have died waiting  for me. And Travis saw to it that I got my finishers coin later. I tease Travis that I am his problem child, and will probably continue to be, but I will keep coming to run my miles with my phone and pager at Bishop’s races, because I feel like part of a larger family in this home away from my home.”