2020 Men’s 10k Series

2020 Men’s 5k Series
January 1, 2020
2020 Women’s 10k Series
January 1, 2020

2020 Men’s 10k Series

Includes 13ks & 15ks

***We do not search for runners who may be listed twice in the standings every week.

Code Race Code Race Code Race Code Race Code Race Code Race Code Race
A New Year’s Day B Winter Hains C Before the Game D Battle of the Pigskin E Falling for You VA F Falling for You MD G Kiss My Asphalt
H Belle Haven I Lovers J Run at the Boathouse K Winter Wakefield L Winter City Views M Leap Year N Badge of Honor
O Belle Isle P Spring Forward Q Beltway Brew R Winter Plant Based S St Patty’s Leprechaun T St Patty’s U Boulder Crest




First Last Races Completed Code Points
Alexis Espinoza 1 A 20
Yared Addisu 1 A 19
Terry Basham 1 A 18
Tyson Hawker 1 A 17
Robert George 1 A 16
Garrett Kemp 1 A 15
Scott Busby 1 A 14
Shawn Trahan 1 A 13
Don Morrison 1 A 12
Brad Kirely 1 A 11

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