Darden Towe 10k Course Map

Darden Towe 5k Course Map
January 7, 2017
Burke Lake 10k Course Map
February 1, 2017

Darden Towe 10k Course Map

The Darden Towe 10k Course will be used in 3 events in 2017:dt10k-course-map

6/3/2017 – Darden Towe 5k & 10k

7/9/2017 – Summer Darden Towe 5k & 10k

10/21/2017 – Fall Darden Towe 5k & 10k

The course has been USATF approved for a 10k distance.

To see the map in a browser, click here.

Think you could dominate this course and set the fastest time?  See below for the course records and which races they were set in…

Men's Course Records
1. Justin Roberts   (M) 38:52 Fall Darden Towe 10k (2017)
2. Adam Scott       (M) 43:53 Darden Towe 10k (2017)

Women's Course Records
1. Rebekah Clementson (F) 40:51 Darden Towe 10k (2017)
2. Joan Bienvenue     (F) 43:10 Darden Towe 10k (2017)
3. Kendall Tata       (F) 43:29 Fall Darden Towe 10k (2017)

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