Fredericksburg 10k Course Map (Hospital Hill)

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January 14, 2016
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January 27, 2016

Fredericksburg 10k Course Map (Hospital Hill)

2016 Fredericksburg 10k Course MapThe Fredericksburg 10k Course will be used in 1 event in 2018:

Jun 3 – Fredericksburg Semper Fi 5k & 10k

The course has been USATF approved for a 10k distance.

To see the map in a browser, click here.

Think you could dominate this course and set the fastest time?  See below for the course records and which races they were set in…

We offer a commemorative plaque for anyone who breaks the fastest men’s or women’s course time.

Men's Course Records
1. Frederic Bacro (M) Tervuren, Belgium   40:28 Fredericksburg 10k (2016)
2. Tyler Folan      (M) Stafford VA       43:02 Fredericksburg Semper Fi 10k (2016)
3. Jason Lippy      (M) Midlothian VA     44:04 Fredericksburg 10k (2016)
4. Steven Konopa  (M) Fredericksburg VA   44:14 Fred Fitness Spooky 10k (2016)
5. Kyle Maziarski   (M) Stafford VA     44:24 Fredericksburg Semper Fi 10k (2016)
1. Alissa Savage   (F) Stafford VA        44:55 Fredericksburg Semper Fi 10k (2016)
2. Tiffany Lambert (F) Alexandria VA      46:05 Fredericksburg 10k (2016)
3. Jacquelyn Ris   (F) Front Royal VA     47:31 Fredericksburg 10k (2016)
4. Denise Freeman  (F) Stafford VA        47:35 Fredericksburg Semper Fi 10k (2016)
5. Angela Kandibo  (F) Woodbridge VA      51:44 Fredericksburg Semper Fi 10k (2016)


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