Georgetown Half Marathon Course Map

Fredericksburg 10k Course Map (Hospital Hill)
January 27, 2016
Charlottesville 5k Course Map
February 25, 2016

Georgetown Half Marathon Course Map

2016 Georgetown Half Course MapThe Georgetown Half-Marathon course is used in 6 races in 2018:

Mar 18 – St. Patty’s Recovery Run 5k & Half

May 27 – Spring Georgetown 5k & Half

Jun 24 – EOD Warrior 5k & Half

Sept 9 – 9-11 Memorial 5k & Half

Sept 30 – Autumn Georgetown 5k & Half

Nov 4 – Semper Fi 5k & Half

This course winds through the trail/gravel road of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Path.

The course has been USATF approved for a half-marathon distance.

To see this map in a browser, click here.

Think you could dominate this course and set the fastest time?  See below for the course records and which races they were set in…

We offer a commemorative plaque for anyone who breaks the fastest men’s or women’s course time.

Men's Course Records
1. Davis Flippell   (M)                  1:16:18 EOD Warrior Holiday Dash Half (2017)
2. Mark Lonac       (M) Fort Collins CO  1:18:06 EOD Warrior Half (2017)
3. Andrew Crabb     (M)                  1:19:50 Autumn Georgetown Half (2017)
4. Will Boland      (M)                  1:21:21 Autumn Georgetown Half (2017)
5. Stephen Cox      (M)                  1:21:29 EOD Warrior Holiday Dash Half (2017)

Women's Course Records
1. Joanne Gorski     (F) Hortonville WI   1:25:11 Autumn Georgetown Half (2016)
2. Alexandra Crabb   (F)                  1:27:52 Autumn Georgetown Half (2017)
3. Jessica Kaliski   (F) McLean VA        1:28:47 Autumn Georgetown Half (2016)
4. Helen Ibbotson    (F) Washington DC    1:29:12 Autumn Georgetown Half (2016)
5. Julie McTernan    (F)                  1:31:34 EOD Warrior Holiday Dash Half (2017)


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    Is there a time cutoff for the Georgetown half in March?

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