Norfolk Beach 5k Course Map

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February 17, 2015
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March 9, 2015

Norfolk Beach 5k Course Map

The Norfolk Beach 5k course is used in 1 event in 2018:

July 7 – Storm the Beach 5k & 5-MilerNorfolk Beach 5k


This is a flat course that runs on the sand alongside the waterfront.  The map is slightly off (we used our best estimation to show you the closest image of the course).

To see this map in a browser, click here.

Think you could dominate this course and set the fastest time?  See below for the course records and which races they were set in…

We offer a commemorative plaque for anyone who breaks the fastest men’s or women’s course time.



Men's Course Records
1. Cory Reimer    (M)   Portland OR        19:19 Storm the Beach 5k (2015)
2. Travis Bishop  (M)   Fredericksburg VA  19:58 Storm the Beach 5k (2015)
3. Michael Ellwood (M)  Virginia Beach VA  20:23 Storm the Beach 5k (2015)
4. Tim Suddeth    (M)   Virginia Beach VA  21:48 Soak in the Sun 5k (2016)
5. Travis Bishop  (M)   Fredericksburg VA  22:01 The D-Day Memorial 5k (2015)

Women's Course Records
1. Rachel Hill       (F) Wester Chester PA  23:03 Storm the Beach 5k (2016)
2. Carmel Collins    (F) Bridgton ME        27:50 Storm the Beach 5k (2015)
3. Mary Ann Matheson (F) Chesapeake VA      28:11 Storm the Beach 5k (2016)
4. Mallory Obenour   (F) Chesapeake VA      28:23 Storm the Beach 5k (2016)
5. Sarai Marfell     (F) Virginia Beach VA  29:13 Storm the Beach 5k (2015)

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