2019 January Runner Spotlight

2019 Virtual Women’s Series
January 6, 2019
Series Champions
January 12, 2019

2019 January Runner Spotlight

Caroline started running in the 8th grade for our schools cross country team because she had a PE teacher in the 7th grade who saw that she could run a pretty fast mile and they were recruiting for the first cross country team that the school would have. She later joined a running club which would turn into the Culinary Institute of America’s first cross country team and haven’t stopped since.  Caroline’s most embarrassing and biggest accomplishment were the same day.  She qualified for the Boston Marathon and it ended up being one of the coldest at the time.  It was her first race in 30 degree temperatures so she had “no clue how to fully prepare for it.”  She ended up at the medical tent with hypothermia.  “The best part of this story is my family was tracking me and all of sudden my dot stops at mile 22 for those 2 hours and they have no clue what was going on, full-on heart attacks for them.  Two hours later my dot starts moving again as I continue to the finish line. After all of it, I got to cross the Boston Finish Line which was a feeling I will never forget.” One of her running goal races is the Hawaii Marathon because of its scenic route or the London Marathon because “I will find any excuse to go to England.”  Come join Caroline at our next event in 2019!


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