Thomas Shreve started running in boots and wool socks in 1983 when he joined the Army.  He continued to run basically every day until he retired in 2005.  He recently recommitted to running in 2017 and has completed about 60 races in the last 10 months.  Thomas states “I like Bishops Events because of the number of annual races that it conducts. I can plan my entire running year in about an hour. Since Bishops has conducted so many races, they know how to make it easy for the runner to participate. They have created different running series, so regardless of your ability level, you are likely to be competitive. I also appreciate the fact that Bishops Events gives back some of its proceeds to a variety or worthy causes. Finally, Travis and his team are very accessible people and the runners get to know a little bit about each other.”  Thomas is looking forward to running a 5k with his two grandsons Eric and Lucas (“even if they beat him”).  He also states trying for running on his fifth continent as a goal.  Catch up with Thomas at our next race!