Despite running his whole life from playing soccer growing up to joining the Army, Austin Sharp didn’t get into racing until his 29th birthday.   He made it a goal to finish 30 races before his 30th birthday to commemorate his sister who was 29 when she passed from heart failure.  He uses the hashtag #race30for30.  His biggest accomplishment thus far has been finishing that goal only one day before his 30th birthday.  The small and welcoming atmosphere, local venues, and charity benefactors keeps Austin coming back to our events… where he currently is 5th in the Men’s 5k Series and 4th in the Men’s Sippin’ Series.  Between running with us, he spends his time with his two boys and competing in Spartan races.  His eventual goal is to complete an Ironman race.  Running has given Austin an opportunity to compete and live a healthier lifestyle.