Our April Runner Spotlight is on Marcia Byerley.  She began running in the mid-80’s and she’s been hooked ever since.  She never planned on competing, but Bishop’s Events offers “so many great incentives.”  While Marcia is currently leading our Women’s Winter Series (Jan 1-Mar 31) and our Women’s 5k Series, she does have to be more careful of injuries.  In 2019, she fell and fractured her knee while running at Prince William Forest Park.  After recovering throughout the summer on crutches, she was back to running in October.  Last month, Marcia took another spill at our Lake Anna event and broke her thumb.  So if you see Marcia still racing in her bright blue cast, that’s why!  With her recent trail experiences, Marcia’s future running goal is to stay on her feet and injury free.  She enjoys the comradery amongst the runners and the purpose behind the events.  Join Marcia at one of our next events whether is a virtual event or a live one!