Our August Runner Spotlight is on David Pinnick.  David started his running journey in 1973 in high school.  He joined in on a running challenge between a couple members of the high school marching band.  He competed so well in that challenge that they suggested he join the cross country team.  By the end of his high school career, he finished sixth in the city of Akron cross country meet.  This journey has brought him to about 50-60 events a year.  He has already completed 40+ events with us this year which has him leading our Men’s 10k Series and our Men’s Endurance Series.  One of his biggest accomplishments over the years is running a 2:58 marathon in San Diego in 1989!  One of his biggest embarrassing moments came a few years ago at a half-marathon in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  David left everything he had on the race course that day. Despite winning his age group, David struggled to get on top of the podium to accept his award.  After trying to get up with both hands, the third place finisher actually put his hand down to help pull him up.

David has enjoyed coming to our events because of the atmosphere and the various venues we use.  He uses running as a stress reliever and a way to interact with people who have a similar passion that he does.  David is very appreciative of the race staff in all that they do to provide support during the events.

David is looking forward to being able to compete in a half-marathon on some of the famous marathon courses like the London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, and Amsterdam Marathon.

While Covid-19 has definitely changed everyone’s lives, David has enjoyed his time with working from home.  He does look forward to being able to mingle with people again after races without having to worry about spreading the virus.  Come meet David at one of our upcoming events!