Our 2020 February Runner Spotlight is on Curtis Lamb.  Curtis completed 80 events in 2019 with 40 Bishop’s Events races, 8 Spartan/Tough Mudders, 4 Half Marathons, and a host of other events.  Curtis started his running career based on a bar bet in 2010 though.  Leading up to his half, Curtis stopped by the bar he spent time at only to find out that there was a betting pool about his race.  Some of the bets included if he would have to be pulled off the course for medical reasons, have a heart attack, quit and go to the beer, or would he even show up on race day.  Curtis should have bet that he’d finish the race because no one else did.  Curtis did finish that race, although he did keep $40 in his pocket in case he changed his mind and needed a cab.

He began running again in 2017 after some injuries.  In 2018, he was finally able to kick his 30+ year smoking habit through trading smoke breaks for walk breaks!  Curtis found our running series by accident from doing one of our timed events.  He enjoys the community feel to our events and appreciates having a race option almost every weekend locally.  While competing in the Frederick Nut Job (5k on Sat night, Half on Sun morning), the Baltimore Moron (5k and half in same morning), and Ultra trail runs, he hopes to do a SkyDive Ultra where you skydive to the start line then take start running!  Join Curtis at one of our upcoming events.