Our June Runner Spotlight is on Adam and Caleb Van Grack.  Adam typically competes in 20-30 events a year between running and kayaking.  While Adam has been running since 1998, his son just picked up running this year!  He has enjoyed spending time with his new running partner, his 10 year old son.  Both Adam and Caleb have run more races in 2020 than they have in any other previous year.  Caleb is a St. Louis Cardinals fan and has recently become a fan of running as our events have helped him be more fit.  He is also looking forward to earning his 2020 Bishop’s Events running jacket for 16 events!  Adam enjoys the community feel around our race organization.  Both have also spent time cross-training with kayaking and cycling on non-running days.  Caleb looks forward to someday running a 5k in the Redwood National Park and Adam wants to do a race on the 14k circuit hike at Old Rag Mountain.  During quarantine, both have enjoyed spending more time together.  Once things get back to a “normal” routine, they both look forward to going for a hike at Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah National Park together.