Diana began running with the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon when she was 32.  She now competes in 30 to 50 events a year with her biggest accomplishment being that first marathon she completed.  Diana’s hoping to one day complete the Great Wall of China Race.  Unfortunately, Diana had to put some things on hold as she was diagnosed with cancer in October.  Ironically, the day after being diagnosed, she walked into work and was handed a flyer for breast cancer awareness month.  She had surgery at the end of October and found that she had cancer in her lymph nodes as well, so she also needed to have radiation.  Her last radiation treatment was January 7th, and she is doing well.  She even competed in our Hunger Heroes 5k at Afton Mountain Vineyards in late December but because of the fatigue from radiation, she was only able to walk it.   At one point she didn’t think that she could finish the race, but her friend Misty Poe stayed with her until the end.  She recently completed the Lovers 5k and says that running helps to keep her calm, despite how bad of a day she might be having.  If she goes for a run, everything seems to be better.  She enjoys our races (and a good chocolate milk after the race) because of the locations of our events and the other runners who compete!