Our May 2020 Runner spotlight is on Mike Cannon. He started running in 1981 as a Lieutenant in the Army in Europe as a way to help keep his weight gain under control around all the good food.  After 30 years of military service, Mike still runs between 70-110 events per year when healthy.  With so many races under his belt, there’s bound to be a race that he liked to forget.  For example, the time he showed up 15 minutes late for the Hartwood 10-miler because he didn’t read the pre-race instructions clearly.  But, running in the Boston Marathon three times (2008-2010) is one of his biggest accomplishments.  He also came in 2nd in our 2014 Men’s 5k Series and won the Men’s Endurance Series that year.  In 2017, he came in 2nd again in the Men’s 5k Series.  He followed that up the last two years with 7th overall as our series have continued to become more and more competitive.  Mike just recently hit his 75th event with us and he keeps coming back for our events for the easy sign-up process, easy parking at the venues, and the “community experience” versus the “competitive experience.”  If Mike could choose any event to compete in, it would the NYC Marathon.  Running has given Mike a chance to meet lots of great people and see many new places.  Besides all of his own personal races, he also race directs five events for the Potomac Valley Track Club.  He is also a co-race director for the DC Road Runners Club National Capital 20-Miler in late September.