Our 2020 November Runner Spotlight is on Cubie Coleman IV.  He started running while working as a guest DJ on a cruise ship in the summer of 2011.  He saw a few close friends posting their runs on social media and it inspired him to start running himself.  He says he must have run 5-6 times a week on the treadmill on the cruise ship!  Before this year, Cubie was competing in 15-20 events a year, but since finding our events, he routinely is running multiple events in a weekend.   He enjoys “the great community of the motivated down-to-earth runners” at our events.  He enjoys being able to compete and get better with really good runners without being overwhelmed by a ton of elite runners, so that way he can add more awards/medals to his wall at home!  In one of our events, he came in second overall in the Carderock Charge 5k which was one of his biggest accomplishments… next to finishing his first marathon in March of 2016 in DC.  He dreams one day to compete in the London Marathon.  While Covid-19 has affected everyone’s normal routine, Cubie states that one of the best parts of Covid-19 was reconnecting with so many people and being able to find our events/community!  Cubie is a game day DJ for the Washington Football Team, so he looks forward to being able to get back to his normal routine at FedEx Field and other DJ gigs!