Our September Runner Spotlight is on Michael Southwood who began running middle school track in Honolulu.  His Dad passed on his love for track to Michael.  In the 1960s, they went to some of the international track meets held in Honolulu that featured many of the top Australian and New Zealand runners, who would stop in Hawaii on their way to big invitationals and championships held in the mainland U.S.  Through the Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club (founded 1962), Michael was introduced to road racing in the late Sixties. Kenny Moore, U of Oregon graduate/U.S. Olympian/author, used to visit the Islands in the early 1970s and would run in our Club events.

Michael typically competes in 1-2 events every week which has him currently in the top 3 of our 5k Men’s Series.  Some of his favorite accomplishments/memories are associated with club running in the Hawaiian and South Atlantic (Maryland/Delaware) associations of the pre-1980 A.A.U.  One of his dream races is the Hawaiian Marathon.  Despite living in Hawaii, he never competed in his hometown’s famous Marathon which began after he left Hawaii to serve in the U.S. Navy.  He did however compete in the Hawaiian 50-Mile Race in the early 1970s.

Michael is an avid collectors of book, particularly on the subject of running and Roman/Byzantine History.  He enjoys our races for their atmosphere and our association with Veteran and charity organizations.  Running has made him a better planner and goal-setter which has translated into helping him as a student, athlete, and later in civilian Federal Service.

Despite Quarantine disrupting the race season, Michael has enjoyed being able to compete in our events through the Virtual opportunities we provided.  He has enjoyed seeing old friends at races and watching the development/improvement of those new to running & encouraging those coming off injury.

Meet Michael at one of our upcoming events!