Code Race Code Race Code Race Code Race Code Race Code Race Code Race
A New Year’s Day B Before the Game C Battle of the Pigskin D Winter Hains E Falling for You VA F Falling for You MD G Kiss My Asphalt
H Belle Haven I Lovers J Run at the Boathouse K Winter Wakefield L Winter City Views M Leap Year N Badge of Honor
O Belle Isle P Spring Forward Q Beltway Brew R Winter Plant Based S St Patty’s Leprechaun T St Patty’s U Boulder Crest
V Battle of the Charities W Spring Lynchburg X Rock Creek Y Market at Grelen Z Mount Vernon Trail a DARE b Spring Checkered
c Spring Pocahontas d National Beer e Care Packages f Easter g Great Falls h Donut Give Up i Peach Blossom
j 5k Race Thru Tuscany k Racin’ Around the Lake l YMCA Reston m Running to Remember n Manassas Runway o Mason Neck p Until They Come Home
q Spring Burke Lake r Mother’s Day s Fast & Furriest t Tuesday Night #2 u Spring Lake Accotink v National Wine Day w Spring Georgetown
x Fallen Soldiers Memorial y Memorial Day Run z Blue Ridge Area Food Bank 1 Riverview Evening 2 Occoquan 3 National Running Day 4 Dare2Tri
5 2 Fast 2 Furriest 6 Dash Thru the Dirt 7 Tuesday Night #3 8 Running Gives You Wings 9 Lake Accotink 0 EOD Warrior A Father’s Day
B CASA Superhero C Semper Fi Father’s D Run for the Wounded #1 E Freedom F Let Freedom Ring G 1781 Brewery H Fireworks
I Tuesday Night #4 J Storm the Beach K Riverview L Summer Pocahontas M Operation Turbo Fburg N Run First Wine Later O Summer Arlington
P No Whining Q Explore the Shore R Freedom Fighters S EOD Warrior T Plant Powered U Summer Georgetown V Summer Fletcher’s
W Devil’s Damn Hot X Connect Our Kids Y Semper Fi Z Tuesday Night #5 a Carderock Charge b Un-Barrel-Ble c Summer Dash
d Lynchburg Peaks View e Summer Seneca f Burke Lake g Smores h Checkered Flag i Glowstick j Cobbler Mountain
k Labor Day l Tuesday Night #6 m Fort Hunt n 9-11 Memorial o Fall Burke Lake p Gnarled Orchard q Rise & Grind
r Seneca Creek s Autumn Georgetown t Vets on Track u Heritage Trail v Cooking Autism w Chase a Cure x Dusky Tuscany
y Making Strides z Great Falls Views 1 Crooked Run Valley 2 Tuesday Night #7 3 Lake Anna 4 5




First Last Races Completed Code Points
Chad Merrill 4 IZl2 79
Robert Halliday 4 IZl2 75
Robert Coyle 4 IZl2 69
John Way 4 IZl2 63
francisco rocha 4 IZl2 60
Mark Drosky 4 IZl2 54
Ted Poulos 3 IZl 46
Michael Southwood 5 t7IZl 42
John Evans 2 l2 31
David Pinnick 4 IZl2 29
Curtis Lamb 6 t7IZl2 23
Rick Hower 2 Z2 22
Neal Riemenschneider 2 IZ 22
Allen Garcia 2 I2 21
Jacob Black 1 2 20
John Winkert 4 IZl2 18
Brian Delgadillo 1 2 17
Mike Bigman 2 Il 16
James Estabrook 3 IZ2 16
Peter Bayer 3 Zl2 14
James Scarborough 2 l2 14
Justin Finkelshteyn 2 7I 13
Kirk Gordon 1 l 12
Adam Kiely 1 2 11
James Scarbourgh 1 Z 11
Richard Slattery 1 I 11
John Ramsey 1 2 8
Kevin Kiely 1 2 7
Mark Passion 1 l 7
John Riemenschneider 1 2 6
Richard Brunais 1 7 5
Seth Macey 1 t 5
John Moloney 1 l 5
Adam Van Grack 1 7 5
Steve Nugent 1 l 4
Carlos Gautiar 1 l 1