Our 2021 August Runner Spotlight is on Syreeta Fields.  She started her running journey in 2012 at her brother’s recommendation.  He was a collegiate track sprinter and high school track coach.  He suggested running intervals to start.  So, Syreeta would run for 1 min and stop and repeat for 20 mins a day.  Soon he would call, and she was still running pass 20 minutes.  She officially was addicted.  Running soon became her escape and the endorphins helped her make it through some dark times.  She runs in the mornings before teaching school as her peace and time to herself on the treadmill, and she runs races on the weekend to enjoy the company of others who love running.  Since she typically runs a race each weekend, she hasn’t kept track of how many events she does it each.


Her biggest embarrassing running experience was also one of her funniest.  She invited her mother to come to a “glow in the dark” race.  Syreeta  thought it would be a fun environment for her visit and her mom could see her run a race in action.  So, she was waiting at the finish line and as Syreeta was confidently crossing the corner to finish (in full view of my mother), a little boy came zipping past! Her biggest accomplishment would be almost qualifying for the Boston Marathon but missing it by about 10 or so minutes… “brutal, but I was proud of myself because at least I was in the ballpark.”  The Boston Marathon is a race she has in mind if she could do any.  She has “a love to travel so my list is extremely long and a WISH LIST for sure.  I couldn’t select just one, so here goes…I would love to run the Marathon de la Baie du Mont Saint-Michel in Cancale, France, Great Ocean Road Marathon in Australia, Great Wall Marathon, Inca Trail Marathon to Machu Picchu in Peru, Big Five Marathon in South Africa, Rock ‘n’ Roll Maratona de Lisbon in Lisbon, Athens Marathon in Greece, Kilimanjaro Marathon, and Marrakech Marathon.”


What keeps you coming back for more of our events?

“I love the atmosphere.  It’s fun to run races with hundreds of people, but the smaller more intimate races are so special.  You get to meet people that you see weekly or monthly and develop a community of runners that is just inspiring and fun. I always have a song playlist ready to vibe to while I run, and we cheer each other on along the way.”

Running has helped her build up her confidence in what she can achieve.  It also has “helped me rebuild my life after personal struggles and has helped me see and experience places that I would never see locally and afar.  It has also grown my love of nature and interacting with new and exciting people.”