Our 2021 December Runner Spotlight is on Mike Cannon.  He started running in December 1981 when he was in the military in Nuremberg, Germany after enjoying too much German food and beer.  Since then, Mike normally runs up to 100 races per year, pending any injuries he may be dealing with.  Over the course of the years, Mike’s biggest accomplishment is finishing his bucket list race three times, the Boston Marathon (2008-2010).  Despite getting in to the NYC Marathon twice, he has been unable to run it due to work requirements.  So that race remains the one he wishes he could compete in. With all of these events, he does have an embarrassing moment of when he went for a warmup run for his 5k in 2010.  During his warmup, he ended up getting a bit lost which caused him to miss the entire race.

When Mike isn’t running in our races, he actually race directs six events a year.  Five of the races are part of the Long Distance Series for the Potomac Valley Track Club and the other one is the National Capital 20/5miler at Carderock Park for the DC Road Runners Club.

One thing that keeps Mike coming back for more of our events is that despite the competitiveness, people are friendly, there to have fun, and it is a stress-free environment which differs a bit from the running club-scene.  Running has helped keep Mike active over the years and mitigate the sedentary lifestyle that we generally live (too much time behind computers and the tv).  Join Mike at one of our upcoming events!