Our 2021 June Runner Spotlight is on Sherri Kirkland.  Sherri started running for exercise after a knee injury forced her to stop playing soccer after 30 years.  Up until late last year, Sherri was a “fair weather” runner so she would only races in May and September, but now she likes to race every weekend!  Her biggest accomplishment was being able to run through this past winter as Sherri is a from Florida and hates the cold!  The pandemic gave her a chance to get into running and it has given her something healthy to focus on and goals for her to work towards.  One of her goals is to reach 100 events with us!  She continues with our events because of the other runners, “they are the nicest group of people and everybody is so friendly and supportive.”  While Sherri would enjoy tackling a longer run like a half-marathon, her knee and orthopedic surgeon might disagree, so for now, she will stick with competing in our Women’s 5k Series!  Her favorite thing after a race is coffee and brunch and is looking forward to the opportunity to travel again as long as “it’s Monday through Friday so I don’t miss a race!”