Our 2021 March Runner Spotlight is on Anita Wooten.  She is a retired police officer who started running races regularly about 20 years ago with her son who was only a few years old then.  They started out walking as an activity that they could enjoy together.  It eventually turned into running together until he finally could pass her.  Anita currently runs a race each Saturday and Sunday morning, and during the warmer months, she runs evening races during the week too.  Anita’s biggest accomplishment was finishing her first and only marathon in 2001.   Anita says “it was also probably my most memorable race experience.   When I was crossing the finish line, the race announcer announced that my son had won his first ever overall race!”

Anita hopes to one day run a race in Hawaii.  Running has given Anita so many awesome friendships that keep her coming back every weekend to see her friends.  While her favorite post-race food is probably pizza, she did one race where each runner got a beach towel to sit on and enjoy a whole lobster afterwards.

The best part of the quarantine is that she’s been able to make trips to Virginia & Maryland to do races, meet new people, see some awesome parks, and enjoy some amazing breweries, wineries & cideries in this area!  Come see Anita at one of our upcoming events!