Our 2021 November Runner Spotlight is on Kevin Foley.  Kevin started running in 1991 and was a 2-a-day runner until 2002 when a severe back injury ended his ‘serious’ running days.  A few years ago, he worked with a group of very competitive runners in Tysons Corner who encouraged him to do lunchtime runs with them.  Once he started back up, he was hooked and has enjoyed running to stay fit and relieve stress.  In the past year, he has completed 88 events, but has a goal to complete 100 in 2021.  His most embarrassing moment was in 2020 when he signed up to run a race in Williamsburg, VA.  He had completed this event many times previously, and the start time was always 1 pm. However, last year they changed the time to a morning start and he didn’t realize it until he drove over 100 miles to see a race already cleaning up.  In 2000, Kevin’s biggest accomplishment was when he ran the Air Force Marathon in Dayton OH.  “This marathon is one of the most challenging in the country and I trained and prepared for every detail of this run to include even how I would grab Gatorade cups and drink in the most efficient way so as not to waste time or energy. My goal was to run even splits the entire Marathon. I had trained better than I thought and at mile 24 which was straight uphill, I was passing runners who were in far better shape than me but fought through unbelievable pain to get up that final hill. I ended up running the entire marathon and finished in 4:28:50 and was 1 min 10 seconds off my projected time of 4:30:00. My splits for the entire marathon were nearly even the entire 26.2 miles.”  His 2nd proudest moment is getting up every weekend and running Bishop’s Events.  “I don’t take a single race for granted and consider it a gift to be able to get up and push myself in these races.”

A key thing people should know about Kevin is that he is a “firm believer in the positive thinking and that a person can achieve anything they put their mind to.  I would want people to also know that my wife, Juli, who served 22 years in the U.S. Air Force is my biggest supporter and cheer leader. ‘We all need someone to believe in us a little more than we believe in ourselves’ and she is that person.”

Despite it being years since his last marathon, Kevin aspires to run in another marathon some day.

Kevin keeps coming back to our events after he tried his first one with us in September 2020.  He showed up, ran the event, and enjoyed the vibe of the people there, the positivity, and the event logistics.  He’s goal oriented and says that “Bishop’s Events has a lane for every runner to achieve goals. But what makes Bishops Events special are the people, there are runners at all levels and everyone encourages and cheer each other.”  He also looks forward every weekend to seeing the many friends that I have made via Bishop’s Events and enjoy the friendly chatter and occasional banter.

Running has helped change Kevin’s life lately.  About two years ago, he decided to embark on a fitness journey and shed over 175 lbs through just healthy eating and exercise. Losing the final 35 lbs has been a grind but he did not want to take any steps backwards.  “Running, particularly with Bishops Events, gave me goals and made it fun, and has helped advanced my fitness goals but provided experiences I feel blessed to have and cherish.”

Come cheer Kevin on at the next event!