Our 2021 October Runner Spotlight is on Steve and Diane Nugent.  Steve started running his sophomore year of high school when he was 94 pounds.  He decided running was a safer option than staying on the football team.  Diane started running as Steve’s guide for marathon training when he had his eye sewn shut for a few months.  Now, they typically do in the range of 30-40 events a year.  Steve’s biggest accomplishment was completing the Marine Corps Marathon only 15 months after having his second liver transplant, while Diane’s biggest accomplishment was running all 10 miles of the Army 10-miler!  Steve is looking forward to the Boston Marathon (10/11/2021).  He had to withdrawl from it back when he was 17 due to a bad knee injury, and two liver transplants later, he will be attempting the race again.  Steve is thankful for his transplants, “I am only here because someone said YES and gave me the Gift of Life… twice.”  Both Diane and Steve enjoy the people they have met through the races and enjoy a large McDonald’s coke together afterwards too.  During the pandemic, they enjoyed spending time with their youngest who was with them for about 2 months.  Get to know the Nugents at your next race!