Our 2022 April Runner Spotlight is on Rachel Lamar.  She played basketball, soccer and cross country in high school.  She did not really start running 5ks until 2017 when she did a Color Run.  In Reno, there were not as many events for Rachel to do.  Last year, Rachel did 24 events, but has a goal of 76 this year (to reach the 100 event level)!  When asked about our events, Rachel said “I enjoy being around the people and the camaraderie.  Everyone is always so nice and welcoming.  When I moved to Alexandria from Reno, it was super hard on me because I did not really know anyone or have friends.  I have met so many great people who I enjoy seeing!”  She enjoys running because it makes her feel significantly better afterwards and relieves stress.  She enjoys being outside and the scenery.  Her favorite venues are Burke Lake Park and Columbia Island Marina. She enjoys the different people and organizations that also come out to our events.

Rachel hopes to some day do a marathon and the Dopey Challenge!  She also wants to compete in a race in Italy when she visits in 2023!  Outside of our events, we enjoys her puppies, wine and painting, yoga, and Spartan races!

Join Rachel at one of our upcoming events!