Our June Runner Spotlight is on Joel Weber.  Joel started running when he signed up for the 25th Marine Corps Marathon and has been running ever since.  Running originally was an escape for peace and quiet from a loud world, but now, he just runs for the enjoyment of the people and the scenery.  He looks forward to catching up with his fellow runners and friends.  He typically does as many events as he possibly can.  Since His biggest accomplishment comes when he completed the Dopey Challenge at Walk Disney World in 2014, completing the 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon in four consecutive days.   He has a goal one day to run the Great Wall Marathon in China.  His favorite course locally is the Great Falls route, but out of state, he is a fan of the Southern Ultra in Wilmington, NC.

When asked what keeps Joel coming back for more of our events, he responded with, “the community and the people that I’ve met coming to the runs.  Everyone is positive and supportive of each other; the fact that Bishop’s Events continues to send money back to the community and charities is a huge bonus.”

Joel has been stationed all over the world as an active duty US Marine, and will be retiring in 2023!