Our 2022 March Runner Spotlight is on Rosella Hall York.  Rosella started running off and on since middle school.  She has taken breaks here and there but has been running consistently since 2012.  She started running because it was a great form of exercise and an activity she could do alone or with others.   Rosella said, “I was typically doing about one event a month, but since August 2021 I realized the great benefits you can receive with Bishops Events and I am on a mission to earn my life time 100 events.  So lately, I have been running 6-10 events a month.”

Rosella’s biggest running accomplishment was finishing her first half marathon because she never thought she could run farther than a 10k.  When asked, what is something we should know about you, Rosella said “I have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and I loved it!!!”

If there’s any race Rosella could run it would be the All American Half Marathon.  She was registered to run it in 2019 with her friend Janet in honor of her son, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to COVID.

Rosella keeps coming back for more of our events because “Bishops Events has really helped me through a difficult time in my life.  I moved up to the area several years ago and have had a hard time making friends. Once I started running regularly with Bishops Events I have become friends with lots of wonderful people.  I will always appreciate that.”

Running has changed her life by always being there when she needs to clear her head, relieve stress, stay in shape or enjoy great times with great people.

Post race, Rosella loves the Chips A Hoy cookies.  Her favorite course is Lake Accotink.  And her favorite part of events is taking group photos after the race and sharing them with everyone on the website!

Join Rosella at one of our next events, or check out our Bishop’s Events VIP Club page on Facebook to see some of her pictures!