Our 2022 May Runner Spotlight is on Scott Busby.  Scott began running while he was in the Army.  After retiring from the Army and taking some time off, he got back into running in 2018 with the goal to improve his endurance, lose weight, and maintain his health.  In his spare time, he pursues his hobby of amateur astronomy where he has his own observatory and telescopes.  He mostly photographs galaxies out to about 80 million light-year distance.

He typically runs about 20-30 events a year.  His most embarrassing running experience came when he tripped right at the start of the 10k at Prince William Forest Park where he faceplanted in front of all of the runners.  On the flip side though, his biggest accomplishment came in 2020 when he ran 1,659.5 miles during the year which was double his 2019 total!  His favorite routes are the out-and-back runs at Lake Anna!  Scott’s favorite part of the events are winning a finisher medal and placing in his age group.  He also enjoys the post-race conversations with regulars.

In terms of goals for his runs, he wants to be under 2hours for a half-marathon and under 50 minutes for a 10k!  Scott enjoys our events because of the family atmosphere and how you need to strategize to achieve the most series points you can.

Running has helped change Scott’s life because he believes it has improved his health and extended his life.