Our 2022 October Runner Spotlight is on Robert Martin.  In his own words, “I started running right before I went to Basic Training in 1991, but that was because I knew I had to be ready to do it as part of the military physical fitness program.  I started running for fun after I met my wife, Liane Zivitski, who is definitely a more accomplished athlete than I am.  I originally started running (for fun) because I made myself the goal that for every X number of miles I ran, I could trade those miles for beer calories and pizza.  While that is still the case to a degree, my main reason now is to maintain a modicum of fitness and to interact with other folks taking part in the events.”

Robert typically did 25-50 5ks a year before finding out group, but he has since aimed to do at least 100 events a year.  He reached his 100th event with us while him and Liane were stationed at the Pentagon.  He is now continuing on with our virtual events while being stationed in Texas. He “love the fact that Bishop’s Events is really composed of a “running family”, regardless of ability, and while everyone comes to each event for their own reason, there’s never a lack of positivity and encouragement, and often runner-volunteers.  The fact that the charities supported line up with my choices (military- and animal-related) is a bonus.”

What was Robert’s biggest accomplishment?  “My biggest accomplishment in running was getting my kids to join me for a 10-mile trail run.  That took some coaxing and there were some trying moments while out on the trail, but in the end my kids were happy they did it.  Originally doubting her ability to complete a 10-miler, my daughter was boasting about her accomplishment to everyone for quite a while.”

Until recently, Robert never drank water unless he was at a race.  He started exchanging soda for water after he went to give plasma and clogged the machine because of his extreme dehydrated-state.  Once the med-tech asked him “how are you even alive,” he decided to be a big proponent of good hydration!

Liane and Robert are always looking for races when travel, and they would love to do the Polar Circle Half Marathon as it would mark a unique event and location off their travel list.

Despite the hills and elevation, Robert finds the Laurel Hills course oddly satisfying, although there is “one incline/hill that I’ve always had to walk up.  I enjoy the open space that allows you to see the other runners ahead and behind you throughout much of the course.”

One of the favorite parts of the events for Robert is that he enjoys talking with Kevin Foley before the events.  He also “enjoys the on-course encouragement from the volunteers and other runners.  It really is a pretty tight-knit community, and I can’t wait to get back out there in person in 2024!”