Our 2022 September Runner Spotlight is on Kate Vasko. Kate started running right after graduating college and getting her first desk job. She knew she needed to start moving more so she began with a couch to 5k program! She now typically competes in 20-30 events a year. Her favorite route is at the Neabsco Boardwalk. She completed her first Ironman in 2014 (Ironman Cozumel) and completed the Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World in 2018. She has her sights set on a Boston Marathon someday. But, when she’s not running one of our events on the weekends, she’s usually with her triathlon team, Team Z. If she’s not running or biking, she could be found bowling in one of several different bowling leagues she’s in!

“Running has changed my life in so many ways. It has boosted my self confidence by seeing what I can accomplish when I set my mind to something. I’ve also made amazing friendships and memories through my running clubs and triathlon team.” Kate recently completed her 75th Bishop’s Events event and is looking forward to reaching her 100th race in 2023!