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Our 2023 December Runner Spotlight is on Kevin Kirkland!  We interviewed Kevin and below are his answers:

Q: When did you start running?

A: I ran all the time when I was in the Marine Corps, 20 years ago. I just started running again in the summer of 2022.


Q: Why did you start running?

A: Because Sherri makes me! No really, I started running to get in shape for retirement next year after 40+ years of government service.


Q: How many events a year do you typically do?

A: I have completed 60+ this year, with a goal of getting to 75.


Q: Biggest accomplishment in running?

A: Biggest accomplishment is improving from Walking to doing two 5k’s in one day.


Q: Something we should know about you?

A: I am a huge University of Florida Gators Fan. And I am sad inside for days every time they lose a football game.


Q: If you could run any race, what would it be?

A: Travis will not comprehend this – but that magical Unicorn course – Straight, flat, paved, shaded and all down hill would be perfect for me.


Q: What keeps you coming back for more of our events?

A: I come back because all of the runners are really nice and everyone supports each other no matter your experience or ability level.


Q: How has running changed your life?

A: Well, it has ruined sleeping in on the weekends! Seriously – I enjoy the feeling of doing something healthy every weekend.


Q: Favorite post run food?

A: Our favorite was the Dumfries diner, but sadly they closed. So now I think it is Copperwood Tavern in Shirlington for Brunch.  https://www.copperwoodtavern.com/


Q: Favorite race/course?

A: I like Old Mill Park in Fredericksburg, VA. I have had my best times there.


Q: Favorite parts of an event or things you look forward to at one of our events?

A: The mingling and comradery before and after the race is my favorite time.


Join Kevin at one of our upcoming runs!