Our 2023 January Runner Spotlight is on Kathlyn Brigham.  Kathlyn started running decades ago as she was tasked to be the ‘Health Promotion Coordinator’ for her wing at Langley AFB, Va.

“Though I was a pediatric nurse practitioner at that time, my additional duty was to administer the yearly mandatory run requirements for the squadron., and I couldn’t manage that without running myself.. and that’s exactly what I started to do! I actually ran my first (and only) marathon in Hampton Roads in the early 90s. I was so proud of myself and someday maybe I will do it again!”

My love for sailing, water sports, dancing and eventually CrossFit pulled me away from running until I had an accident 2 1/2  years ago that cracked my L knee and broke part of my R hand. I had been running occasional 5k,  but I now turned to running as therapy and when Covid hit, it became the only sport in town! Fortunately, a friend introduced me (and Sandra Diaz ) to Bishops Events and we never looked back!
My favorite races are those along the water, mainly Columbia Island Marina and Haines Point. The feeling of freedom, beauty, and peacefulness is palpable to me on these courses and I will run them, if possible, whether sun, rain or snow!

I had to learn to check my ego at the start of returning to races for I don’t run “fast” anymore, but my knee has improved tremendously (so who knows?), but I so enjoy the people I have met and see weekly. I also rather enjoy being one of the “trail nurses “ in the back so I can help anyone that I may run upon that needs any medical help .I also love the Bishop’s Events venues, set ups and the organizations that we run for. They are definitely worthy of my support and I appreciate Bishop’s arranging for for us to do that.
Though I live in Southern Maryland, one of the highlights of these weekly events, is riding with my friend Sandra Diaz for over a hour and catching up on our week. We also like to go to breakfast afterwards and trying different places. Please join us if you can!!”