Our 2023 March Runner Spotlight is on Sandra Diaz.  Sandra started running in 2020 to get out of the house. She typically competes in about 25-30 events per year.

What is your most embarrassing running experience?  “I tripped on trail run as Kathy Oakley was turning around to see why I had stopped talking and thankfully she caught me before I would have hit the ground! My running Angel!!”

Sandra’s biggest accomplishment was running Bay Bridge in 2021.

Sandra spent 7 years serving onboard Navy ships of her 20yr Naval career and had gotten to the point her knees hurt so much she didn’t even like to go for a walk.  She started taking “Collagen” about 4yrs ago and it took away her pain and has allowed her to “enjoy running & meeting all the great people of Bishops!!”

Sandra says that all the great people she’s met and the opportunity to experience new venues has kept her coming back for more of our events.  Running has allowed her to get in better shape physically, mentally and spiritually.

Her favorite race course is at Haines Point in DC.  She also looks forward to parking at Georgetown, since it’s always a new adventure!

Sandra also wanted to thank her running partner Kathlyn Brigham for “always being willing to get up before the sun and share the ride from Southern Maryland to all our events together!”