Our 2023 November Runner Spotlight is on the entire McRae family: Mark, Karen, Malcolm, and Mackenzie.  We interviewed them for this spotlight below:

“Kiss My Asphalt 2022, appropriately named, is known around our house as the “scene of the crime” as the beginning of our family’s 5K adventures. We had talked forever about finding outdoor weekend activities we could all do together, but some of us thought one of us had lost her mind for registering for outdoor activities in FEBRUARY. However, unlike the St Patty’s Day 5K a month later with rain, wind, sleet and snow, the weather was perfect for our first in person Bishop’s Event.
Our original agreement was for one 5K a month, but, when Karen figured out the virtual option, things got kind of crazy, and, before we knew it, we had traveled to Florida and Missouri to participate with family in their local 5Ks. Now, if Travis has an event scheduled, Karen is on the virtual list, but, as a family we have renegotiated the one in person event a month.
No dreams of a Boston or New York City marathon or anything like that. We enjoy our slow and steady sloth pace Saturday events in the Fredericksburg region with the added bonus of our favorite 5K loop at Colonial Beach. The accomplishment we most appreciate is that we do these 5Ks together, as a family, and our grown sons are still willing to hang out in public with their parents. Pretty sure buying them breakfast afterwards has nothing to do with it. It’s definitely the golden Oreos at the 5K finish.
Our continued participation and commitment to Bishop’s Events is the community of runners we have encountered and the amazing staff and volunteers Travis has. They have made us feel like we belong from the very beginning. Now, it’s just a normal part of our lives.”