Our 2023 September Runner Spotlight is on Michelle and Bill O’Hearn.  Hear about their story below:

Q: When did you start running? Why did you start running?

A: 2015, when the doctor tried to put Bill on cholesterol meds and instead made a lifestyle change with running.


Q: How many events a year do you typically do?

A: 40-50 with 2-4 traveling runs.


Q: Most embarrassing running experience? or biggest accomplishment?

A: Biggest accomplishments have been running the Ragnar Black Loop in WV together as a 2-person team, running MCM together and Finishing the 35+ miles of the ICY-8 ultra.



Q: Something we should know about you?

A: We’re both in the same scene as extras in the movie “Coming Through the Rye “.  Look at the hospital scene early in the movie. Bill plays a doctor and Michelle as a nurse with a clipboard.


Q: If you could run any race, what would it be?

A: Vacation Race Ireland


Q: What keeps you coming back for more of our events?

A: The lifetime award goals, the friends we’ve made, the bling and the friendly competition


Q: How has running changed your life?

A: Besides the health rewards,  we feel we can complete anything we set our minds to accomplish….with training.


Q: Favorite post run food?

A: Cheeseburger and Fries!


Q: Favorite race/course?

A: As tough as they are, the Delaplane area Vinyard runs are fun.


Q: Favorite parts of an event or things you look forward to at one of our events?

A: We love to see where Travis takes us next to explore and the after parties with our Bishop’s run family.


Join Michelle and Bill at an upcoming race!