The course has been GPS measured for
a 5k distance.

This is a 3 loop course around the winery property that is fairly flat. It is a cross country route so keep an eye out for the terrain.

Back of the Pack time: 11:30

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Mens Course Records       Womens Course Records    
1 Patrick Moravek 0:21:37 2024 Vietnam Veteran’s 5k   1 Syreeta Fields 0:23:57 2023 Vietnam Veteran’s 5k
2 Fabio Clavijo 0:21:44 2023 Vietnam Veteran’s 5k   2 Gianna Earl 0:24:05 2024 Vietnam Veteran’s 5k
3 Fabio Clavijo 0:22:11 2023 Molon Lave 5k   3 Gianna Earl 0:24:52 2023 Vietnam Veteran’s 5k
4 Luis Navarro 0:22:14 2024 Molon Lave 5k   4 Jane McGurk 0:25:23 2023 Molon Lave 5k
5 Luis Navarro 0:22:25 2024 Vietnam Veteran’s 5k   5 Isabella Barnett 0:25:29 2023 Vietnam Veteran’s 5k