Code Race Code Race Code Race Code Race Code Race Code Race Code Race
A New Year’s Day B Run at the Boathouse C Winter Wakefield D Winter City Views E Winter Hains F Winter Burke G Before the Game
H Battle of the Pigskin I Kiss My Asphalt J Lovers K Falling for You (VA) L Falling for You (MD) M Belle Haven N Dash Around
O Rolling Hills P Winter Connect Q Byron Ave R Leprechaun S St Pattys T Boulder Crest U Battle of the Charities
V Winter Wilderness W Rock Creek X OEW Y Mount Vernon Z Easter a Easter Great Falls b National Beer
c Care Packages d Tuesday #1 e Mason Neck f Racin’ Around g Spring Cleaning h Manassas Runway i Neabsco



First Last Races Code Points
Hannah Lasher 1 R 20
Callie Brown 1 U 20
Kayla Duquette 1 Z 20
Taylor Siefert 1 R 19
Mia Brown 1 U 19
Ryla Smith 1 Z 19