2020 Listing of Events in the Sippin’ Series is below.  Winner of our series (male and female) will receive a winner’s gift basket of wine!  2018 and 2019’s basket were valued at over $300 for each winner!

Mar 8th – Beltway Brewing 5k – Sterling, VA

Mar 29th – The Market at Grelen 5k/10k – Somerset, VA

Apr 5th – National Beer Day 5k – Vienna, VA

Apr 18th – Peach Blossom Wine & Hard Cider Challenge 5k/10k/Half – Delaplane, VA

Apr 19th – 5k Race Through Tuscany & 1M – Delaplane, VA

May 23rd – National Wine Day 5k/10k – Leesburg, VA

Jul 4th – 1781 Brewing 5k/10k – Fredericksburg, VA

Jul 18th – Run First, Wine Later 5k/10k – Leesburg, VA

Jul 19th – No Whining, Only Wine-ing 5k/10k – Prince Frederick, MD

Aug 16th – Un-Barrel-Ble 5k/10k – Arrington, VA

Sep 6th – Cobbler Mountain 5k – Delaplane, VA

Sep 20th – Gnarled Orchard Hard Cider Challenge 5k/10k/Half – Delaplane, VA

Oct 10th – 5k Through Dusky Tuscany & 1M – Delaplane, VA

Oct 12th – Crooked Run Valley 5k/10k/Half – Delaplane, VA

Oct 24th – Wilderness Run 5k/10k – Fredericksburg, VA

Nov 29th – Caboose Brewing 5k/10k – Vienna, VA

Dec 20th – Hunger Heroes 5k – Afton, VA


What constitutes a Sippin’ Series event?

  • It will be an event that is located on a winery, brewery, or cidery property.
  • These events will include a FREE glass of wine/beer or a free tasting with registration (this can be found under the section labeled “Runners Receive”)

Why does it have its own series?

  • We are currently working on 13 events to be included in the series so it makes sense to break these events off and highlight them.
Will these events count towards the original 5k, 10k, or Back of the Pack Series?
  • No. they will not (except for the Apr 22nd event).  We are just now making the announcement about the series, it would only be fair to those who had registered for series points.  You should definitely do the Apr 22nd event as it will count for the regular series standings and the new Sippin’ Series
Which events will be included?
  • The other races in the series will begin in July.  You can denote these events by the red font at the top of the events that say “Points will go count for the Sippin’ Series.”

Does it matter if I do the 5k or the 10k? Do they count to the same points?

  • Yes, they do.  Throughout the series, there will only be a handful of events that are not 5ks, so we are including all 5ks, 10ks, halfs, etc into the same series points.

Will these events count towards the overall number of events for 2018?

  • Yes, of course!