The course has been GPS measured for
a 5K distance.

This is a combination cross country and gravel dirt road course. There are some hills on the backside of the winery. You can find elevation gain on the course map page. The 5k is 3 laps of the loop while the 1-miler is only one.

Back of the Pack time: 12:00

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Course Records

Think you could dominate this course and set the fastest time?
See below for the course records and which races they were set in…


Mens Course Records       Womens Course Records    
1 Caden DeValle 0:18:58 2020 5k Through Dusky Tuscany   1 Kiersten Hughey 0:23:08 2019 Race Through Tuscany 5k
2 Conlan Swope 0:20:20 2023 Three Fox Fireworks 5k   2 Caroline Ballam 0:23:18 2019 5k Through Dusky Tuscany
3 Randy Shelton 0:20:32 2018 Race Through Tuscany 5k   3 Maya Kashyap 0:23:20 2022 Three Fox 5k
4 Sean Whitson 0:20:45 2017 Three Fox Vineyards 5k   4 Stephanie Bailey 0:23:24 2023 Easter Three Fox 5k
5 Cole Smith 0:21:05 2023 Three Fox Fireworks 5k   5 Caroline Ballam 0:23:48 2019 Race Through Tuscany 5k