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Blog COMPLETED: 12 / 01 / 13 — Run for the Wounded Warriors 5k & Half-Marathon Race #2



COMPLETED: 12 / 01 / 13 — Run for the Wounded Warriors 5k & Half-Marathon Race #2

  • by Travis Bishop
  • September 9, 2013

Sunday, December 1

Prince William, VA

In partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project.

Run for the Wounded Warriors! This “Run for the Wounded Warriors” 5k and Half is for a great cause through a scenic park.  What isn’t to love?  Run through the rolling hills of Prince William Forest Park while benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project.  Enjoy the paved roads of the park for the half-marathon or try the smooth gravel roads for the 5k through the woods.  No matter your running ability, remember, it’s benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project!!!

Half starts at 8am

5k starts at 9am


Run for the Wounded Warriors 5k

Run for the Wounded Warriors 5k & Half

Directions to Parking

Parking Lot is off of the main road into Prince William Forest Park.  It is a gravel road past the Pine Grove parking lot on the right before the visitor’s center.  There will be an orange “Parking” sign to direct people where to park on race morning.  The Start/Finish line is right near the Pine Grove parking lot.

Course maps can now be found at:




The race will be timed by Race Packet!

Packet Pickup

Pre-race meetings will begin around 7:45 near the Start/Finish Line. Plan to arrive NO LATER than 7:30am FOR THE HALF-MARATHON. Plan to arrive around 8:30am for the 5K. Packet Pickup will be at Road Runner Sports on Saturday November 30, from 2-6pm. Road Runner Sports is located at 1120 West Broad Street, Falls Church, VA 22046. Athletes are expected to pick up their packet at Road Runner Sports. If you cannot make it, let Travis Bishop know at BishopsEvents@yahoo.com


Ages 10 through 100 can compete in this event.


Awards categories determined closer to race day. Awards will be handed out after the race near the Start/Finish Line.


*No Refunds after October 1, 2013


  • 29 days ago   /   ReplyMark

    Is the Custom Commemorative Medal in addition to the finisher medal for the half marathon?

    • 28 days ago   /   ReplyTravis Bishop

      The custom medal adds your name to the finisher medal.

  • 20 days ago   /   ReplyLianne Simpson

    Can I run the Half Marathon with my son in his BOB Stroller? I'm an avid runner logging 30-40 miles a week and have run several events with him including Revenge of the Penguins 20miler.

    • 20 days ago   /   ReplyTravis Bishop

      If you believe you can safely run with him along side other runners, then I am fine with it... and due to the fact you have in another race, then we should be all good to go!

  • 14 days ago   /   ReplyBon

    Hello! What material are the shirts for the 1/2 marathon (cotton or moisture-wicking tech fabric)? Long or short sleeve? Color? Thanx!

    • 14 days ago   /   ReplyTravis Bishop

      They will be long-sleeve cotton grey shirts.

  • 14 days ago   /   ReplyPreethi

    Hi there - My husband and I are considering signing up for the half but wanted to know how difficult the course is. Thanks!

    • 13 days ago   /   ReplyTravis Bishop

      It is a tough, scenic course... it has some hills in it.

    • 13 days ago   /   ReplyPreethi

      Thanks for the info. We just ran Richmond last weekend. Do you have any idea how it compares in terms of difficulty? Do you think it would be possible to get a PR on this course? Thank you for the info!

    • 12 days ago   /   ReplyTravis Bishop

      I ran the Richmond Marathon last weekend.. If the half is anything like the full (fairly flat) I don't think you'd PR on this..

  • 10 days ago   /   Replycandy

    do you receive a tshirt with registration and you can purchase additional ones, or do does the runner purchase one, if desired

    • 9 days ago   /   ReplyBryan

      I ordered a Large shirt when I thought they were short sleeve. Will I be able to trade it in for a XXL?

  • 9 days ago   /   ReplyJames Tolson

    do we receive a t-shirts for the 5k as well?

    • 8 days ago   /   ReplyTravis Bishop

      If we have an extra XXL then ofcourse!

    • 8 days ago   /   ReplyTravis Bishop

      The t-shirt that you can purchase is an additional dri-fit shirt. Otherwise, you receive an event shirt.

    • 8 days ago   /   ReplyTravis Bishop

      Yes, of course.

  • 8 days ago   /   ReplyBon

    When is the last day/time to reguster for tbe 1/2 (plus personalized medal)? Will there be food/snacks provided, post-race? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  • 4 days ago   /   ReplyTaylor Bostick

    Happy Thanksgiving! On the theme of food (and drink)- will there be water and/or gatorade and/or energy gels on the half marathon course? If so, how often? Thanks a lot

    • 4 days ago   /   ReplyTravis Bishop

      There are water stops around miles 2, 4, 6, 9, and 11.

  • 30 days ago   /   ReplyMarie

    Do the virtual runners receive a medal? If so, when should they arrive?

    • 30 days ago   /   ReplyTravis Bishop

      Yes, we have sent out our first shipment of medals today and if you signed up in the last 10 days, we will be sending those out as soon as we receive them from our trophy store.

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  • 0 days ago   /   Replygvojljlwd

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