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Blog 2013-06-23 Du It for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Race #1 RESULTS


2013-06-23 Du It for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Race #1 RESULTS

  • by Travis Bishop
  • June 24, 2013

2013 Du It for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Race #1 RESULTS

June 23, 2013

Duathlon Results

Place Race #First       Last         City            St  Age Gender Run1Time    R1 Pl Bike Out    B Pl  Bike In    Pl  Run2 Out    Pl  Finish
  1    110  Douglas     Hickey       Arlington       VA   30    M  00:21:53.78  1   00:22:38.54   1    00:56:06.37  1  00:56:47.18  1  01:28:19.47
  2    102  Sarah       Brown        Washington      DC   26    F  00:24:12.90  2   00:25:04.41   2    01:04:28.24  2  01:05:06.27  2  01:28:29.08
  3    114  Douglas     Landau       Oak Hill        VA   52    M  00:25:08.31  3   00:25:44.60   3    01:05:11.20  3  01:05:35.30  3  01:32:15.41
  4    132  Brenda      Allen        Clarksville     MD   49    F  00:27:51.38  5   00:29:06.66   5    01:11:11.13  4  01:12:01.48  4  01:40:43.67
  5    104  Melissa     Eddison      Arlington       VA   24    F  00:27:23.36  4   00:28:09.66   4    01:12:09.68  5  01:13:01.05  5  01:43:14.37
  6    101  Travis      Blake        Bristow         VA   39    M  00:28:42.07  6   00:30:17.38   6    01:13:03.75  6  01:16:28.93  6  01:43:32.97
  7    125  Matthew     Sinkiat      Silver Spring   MD   26    M  00:28:53.70  8   00:31:17.24   10   01:15:19.85  8  01:16:44.64  8  01:43:53.88
  8    123  Kiley       Scott        Fredericksburg  VA   33    F  00:29:53.58  11  00:30:59.43   8    01:17:20.73 10  01:18:12.39  9  01:47:58.01
  9    131  Mike        Allen        Clarksville     MD   54    M  00:29:17.48  9   00:31:12.04   9    01:15:15.39  7  01:16:32.04  7  01:48:58.60
  10   122  John        Pierce       Quantico        VA   64    M  00:32:13.20  17  00:33:37.75   16   01:17:09.89  9  01:18:50.54 10  01:54:51.06
  11   121  Joseph      Musella      Fairfax Station VA   40    M  00:29:58.54  13  00:31:20.17   11   01:20:45.24 12  01:22:24.10 12  01:55:07.07
  12   130  Sherri      Zadareky     Fairfax Station VA   41    F  00:29:56.60  12  00:31:22.58   12   01:20:50.50 13  01:22:27.13 13  01:55:10.04
  13   127  David       Smith        Arlington       VA   26    M  00:28:43.68  7   00:30:28.27   7    01:18:50.50 11  01:20:20.45 11  01:57:17.01
  14   105  Amy         Enright      Arlington       VA   29    F  00:31:31.89  15  00:32:48.74   15   01:24:46.75 14  01:25:38.95 14  02:02:01.50
  15   116  Anna        Madigan      Stafford        VA   38    F  00:36:06.93  23  00:37:07.08   20   01:25:37.60 15  01:26:27.06 15  02:02:10.23
  16   129  Dong        Vo           columbia        MD   55    M  00:32:09.56  16  00:34:26.98   18   01:26:36.34 16  01:28:17.43 16  02:07:16.26
  17   111  Katy        Kelly        Arlington       VA   25    F  00:29:51.09  10  00:31:28.23   13   01:30:10.68 18  01:31:05.64 18  02:07:34.73
  18   118  Michael     McKenney     Alexandria      VA   58    M  00:36:01.25  22  00:37:28.03   22   01:29:08.29 17  01:31:03.36 17  02:09:49.10
  19   120  Jeremy      Moss         Arlington       VA   31    M  00:30:43.65  14  00:31:41.57   14   01:33:44.24 22  01:34:19.64 20  02:13:05.99
  20   117  Frances     McKenney     Alexandria      VA   60    F  00:37:27.24  26  00:38:57.37   26   01:32:53.83 21  01:34:01.57 19  02:13:14.79
  21   106  Amy         Fieldman     Centreville     VA   53    F  00:33:35.96  19  00:35:27.74   19   01:41:17.09 23  01:43:00    21  02:17:29.64
  22   108  Lily        Geyer        Woodbridge      VA   27    F  00:32:50.98  18  00:33:55.04   17   01:46:16.59 24  01:46:53.93 22  02:28:06.04
  23   128  Cody        St. Onge     Woodbridge      VA   27    M  00:37:14.08  25  00:38:38.23   25   01:53:23.45 25  01:54:55.04 23  02:38:18.23
  24   119  Regina      Miller       Sumerduck       VA   42    F  00:38:24.94  27  00:40:23.70   27   01:55:07.56 26  01:57:11.20 25  02:39:38.57
  25   103  Christine   Cleaves      Arlington       VA   46    F  00:36:10.73  24  00:37:15.50   21   01:55:16.57 27  01:55:41.27 24  02:39:41.14
  26   107  Heather     Fieldman     Centreville     VA   26    F  00:40:10.99  29  00:43:00.53   28   02:08:50.81 28  02:10:00    26  02:53:53.56
       113  Melissa     Landau       Oak Hill        VA   49    F  00:40:07.90  28
       124  Margaret    Shank        Falls Church    VA   54    F  00:34:21.37  21  00:37:34.86   24   01:30:59.06 19
       126  Kathy       Skinski      Falls Church    VA   49    F  00:34:19.25  20  00:37:32.69   23   01:31:05.47 20


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