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Druid Hill Park 5k Course Map

  • by Travis Bishop
  • February 24, 2014

Druid Hill 5kThe Druid Hill Park 5k course is used in 5 events in 2015:

6/7 – Druid Night 5k

7/4 – Freedom 5k

8/23 – Run for the Cure (LLS) 5k & 10k

10/31 – Halloween 5k & 10k

11/15 – Team Red, White & Blue 5k & 10k

This is a fast, flat course that goes around Druid Lake in the heart of Baltimore.  The map is slightly off (we used our best estimation to show you the closest image of the course).

The course has been USATF approved for a 5k distance.

To see this map in a browser, click here.

Think you could dominate this course and set the fastest time?  See below for the course records and which races they were set in…

Men's Course Records
1. James Heilman    Lutherville MD    17:16 Freedom 5k (2014)
2. David Ringword   Baltimore MD      17:37 Health Care for the Homeless 5k (2014)
3. Travis Bishop    Fredericksburg VA 18:04 Freedom 5k (2015)
4. Jeff Gouline     Baltimore MD      18:09 Freedom 5k (2014)
5. Mark Broadwater  Towson MD         18:18 Freedom 5k (2015)
Women's Course Records
1. Mary Christopher  San Francisco CA 21:02 Freedom 5k (2014)
2. Erin Langille     Mt Airy MD       21:48 Freedom 5k (2014)
3. Megan Fish        Lutherville MD   22:16 Freedom 5k (2014)
4. Molly Rath        Baltimore MD     22:28 Health Care for the Homeless 5k (2014)
5. Katie Wirth       Abingdon MD      22:41 Freedom 5k (2015)



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